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The services we are into and the vision & mission that we have, cannot be accomplished by a single person. This is because your career has multiple dimensions and varied complexities. It requires professional expertise and ‘empathetic approach’ to be in your shoes.

We achieve this with the help of a set of professionals from different walks of life as employees or as consultants. These people are either practicing managers from different industry segments from various companies, professional trainers specializing in different skills, psychometric analysts, or career psychologists. Depending on your individual situation and career need, we seek the help.

The entire activity, though, is guided, managed and mentored by Dr. Nandkishore Rathi and supported by Fidahusain Balegar.

Dr. Nandkishore Rathi - Chief Navigating Officer
BE (Mechanical), MBA (Marketing), PhD (HRM, IIT Bombay)

The services we are into and the vision & mission that we have, cannot be accomplished by a single person. This is because your career has multiple dimensions and varied complexities. It requires professional expertise and ‘empathetic approach’ to be in your shoes. Born in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra and studied in Amravati, Nagpur, Pune and Mumbai, Nandkishore Rathi went through tremendous career-churn in the initial years of his career, like many others, due to typical career challenges such as lack of clarity/information, focus, skills, and knowledge of opportunities. But he did not give up. He finally found his true north – passion for developing careers of people to reduce the wastage of their professional time and move towards a successful career and happy life. He is a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA (Marketing) and PhD in HR.

He found his True North through live interaction with more than 2000+ senior corporate executives from across 300 national and multinational companies (MNCs) while working as Training and Placement In-charge at IIT Bombay. The companies included names such as Microsoft, Google, Schlumberger, L&T, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Tata Motors, M & M, Maruti Suzuki, Persistent, Varitas, McKinsey & Co, HUL, ITC, Asian Paints just to name a few. As a result, he got to understand as diverse segments of industry as FMCG, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Process, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication to Environment, Education, Banking and Research. At the micro level, he learnt to differentiate between one company from the other, within the same segment, based on various invisible characteristics like culture, vision and leadership. He got to understand different company cultures and their performance-expectations from their employees.

He had an opportunity to mentor 9 batches of IIT students, between 1995-2005. Apart, he mentored a large number of students from the other colleges across the country as a social responsibility. Guiding the students of B Tech, M Tech, M Sc, and Management programs from many departments, and interdisciplinary courses, made Dr. Rathi realize the challenges and opportunities before the students with diverse academic backgrounds and personality traits on one hand, and globally competing companies and their talent-needs on the other. In response to the above challenges faced by the students, he initiated various measures to help the students choose the right industry, company and roles based on ones passion and strengths. The students were educated on macro as well as the micro-level picture of their career, so that there is perfect person -organization fit (person-job and person-culture fit to be precise). His approach to train the students to face the selection process of different companies, therefore, was very practical, well thought, well researched and holistic.

He conducted a large number of career workshops and mentoring sessions for almost 20,000 students from IIT as well as many other colleges on special invitation. He further explored the careers of IT professionals as part of his six year long research on employee turnover in Indian software industry (web link). His mission of career exploration was finally concluded while working as Director (Campus Relations, Asia Pacific) with Oracle Corporation, at the end of which he founded setmycareer INSTITUTE OF CAREER MANAGEMENT.

The much awaited break came to him when Oracle Corporation appointed him as Director (Campus Relations) – Asia Pacific, in-charge for 13 countries in J-APAC. The campus recruiting and internship experience at Oracle completed his knowledge on career cycle of graduate students. As part of this role, he recruited engineers and MBAs from Tier-I to Tier-V colleges for some of the most critical roles like consulting, technology product development, application product development, technology support, field sales, pre-sales, telesales, HR, etc. During this experience, he got to understand (a). The career challenges faced by the students, (b). What high performance, fast-paced MNCs like Oracle look for while recruiting the candidates, and (c). How the technical and business managers evaluate the candidates with whom they have to work. He fully understood the factors that contribute to the selection, rejection and promotion & growth of the candidates.

But this experience was not student-centric alone. He spent 50% of his time with VP and Director-level executives to understand their business and the people and performance related issues. This was a great value add. Alongside, he was continuously exploring research on career management, success and motivation through various research articles, books, and journals.

As part of his curiosity towards HR issues and challenges in today’s knowledge-driven organizations driven by knowledge workers, he undertook a six year (1998-2003) long research (Ph.D.) on the topic ‘Human Resource Challenges in Indian Software Industry: An Empirical Study of Employee Turnover’ from Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay. He met 1026 experienced IT professionals discussing their careers through an interview mode to find ‘what attracts them to an organization, when do they feel satisfied or otherwise, why did they leave their previous company, and what are their career aspirations etc. The research bagged him Mercer Asia 2003 Award for being the best HR research in Asia Pacific for being innovative and practical HR research.

Fidahusain Balegar - Passion Navigator

A young passionate individual with Psychology background joined setmycareer five years ago; worked very closely with Dr. Rathi, understanding the individual level career issues and related interventions. His voracious reading on research pertaining to Behavioral Sciences, Psychology, and Vocational Sciences made him a seasoned Career Psychologist . He so far coached hundreds of working individuals, and counseled thousands of students from schools and colleges successfully. A certified PDA Analyst , he is equally passionate on career issues to investigate to the last nerve. He uses psychometric tools along with different methods of psychotherapy to navigate an individual to his/herPassion for Success, Growth and Happiness.

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