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At retail-level the individual students along with their parents visit our office and take our services as described in various other sections of our website. We, however, believe that schools play the Most Important Role in shaping the careers of students and build the necessary Foundation for their Success and happiness in future. We offer following programs at school-level.
As part of this program the school takes the initiative and avail our services for the entire batch of students – all of the from 9th to 12th standards students or any one class of students, say 10th standard.

The program is executed as follows :

setmycareer believes that the Best Place to Identify the Potential and Shape the Careers of the Students is the School they are studying in. Teachers who teach these students and interact with them over years know as much about each child as the parents.
We have evolved an extensive Interaction and Assessment based program described below:
a. Plan My Career (PMC) - Students of 7th, 8th and 12th Standards

b. Set My Career (SMC) - Students of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Standards
The above students are at a very critical juncture of their career from where the career moves in a particular direction.
E.g. for a 10th standard student the fundamental questions are:
Which Stream Do I Take – Arts, Commerce or Science?
And What Next After That?

Similarly, for a 12th standard student the critical questions are:
What degree and branch do I choose?
Do I change from Science to Commerce?
What is the right long-term career for me?
What PG degree do I pursue?
Which is the best college and University for me?
We precisely answer all these questions through an exhaustive program which includes:

Post this activity we prepare the reports on each child and discuss the same with the child and the parents through face-to-face or video-based interaction. At the end, we give a clear picture on 3-5 Right (Most-Promising) Careers for each student.
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