Vision and Mission

The vision – the very reason for existence of business - of setmycareer is evolved over years of experience of the founder while he was exploring his own career as a n individual, as a professional while he was working at IIT Bombay & at Oracle Corporation and as an entrepreneur. The very idea of setting up this business is based on the need to address the sufferings of people due to lack of clarity on their career goals, or choice of wrong goals influenced by sheer interest or people around.


To be the Most Preferred Company in the Country over next 5 Years for Managing Careers of Individuals - at any Stage of Career - by Making them Realize ‘What They Truly Deserve, and More’; facilitating them to lead their careers with ‘Happiness and Fulfilment’ (and not success at the cost of stress, fatigue, burnout and boredom).


To Transform Lives of at least 5,00,000 Individuals over next 10 Years by being a Catalyst in their Career-Success by defining the Fitment of their Potential and Passion with Education-n-Role’.

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