Message from the Founder

Dear Professional Friends, Parents and Students,

Greetings from setmycareer Institute, and sincere thanks for taking time out to visit our website.

Career is an important part of everybody's life, whether an entrepreneur, an employed executive, a student or an adult with a career break. Each one of us look for `Success and Happiness in our career. What is required to achieve this is clarity to make the right decisions and focused strategy to execute the decisions rather than sheer degrees from top universities.

The high degree of uncertainty we are facing today in our personal and professional life is the result of an increasing complexity and volatility day by day. This is owing to several factors like a highly fluctuating demand-supply gap of products/ services, boundary-less business forces, global war for talent, high rate of technological change & so on. Making our lives happier in such an environment is quite a challenge, though not impossible.

While progressing towards our career-goals we come across many factors & situations that are beyond our control, and we can't do much about them. But there are many others that are within our control, such as:

Understanding one's true strengths, interests, talents, abilities, limitations and passions

Choosing the right academic program, industry & company to work in, and the role that fits you the best

Developing the required skills whether formal (academic) or non-formal for moving ahead in career, and

Delivering the `performance' through focus, and commitment.

setmycareer Institute is an initiative in this direction wherein, I have not only put my own industry experience together but even of all my colleagues and friends from industry and academia. These expertise include my interactions with executives from more than 400 companies who visited IIT Bombay for Campus Recruitment during my 9-year stint as Placement In charge at the Institute. Equally valuable are the insights I got from more than 1000 IT and HR professionals whom I met as a part of my 6-year long award winning research on "HR in IT Industry". These interactions exposed me to `how people manage their careers' and `what challenges they face at different stages' (in different economic and industry environments). More importantly, `what mistakes they make when they look only at very short-term gains, rather than long term achievements'. The most enriching part, though, was my interactions with more than 25,000 students from IITs and several other Institutes from across Asia Pacific as part of my assignment at Oracle Corporation as the Director, Campus Relations for APAC.

I undertook further reading on literature pertaining to `career, success, happiness and passion' to scientifically understand various phenomena (cause & effect relationships) affecting/impacting our careers. After gaining all the clarity, I compiled my experiences in the form of various services and workshops that setmycareer offers with an objective to help people take right career decisions at the right time so that they attain early success and enjoy their life in the true sense in today's dynamic world. The mission now is to contribute my bit in making India a Super Power and enhance her global competitiveness.

I urge all likeminded people to join me in this mission.

Nandkishore Rathi - Chief Navigating Officer, setmycareer

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