Psychometric Test

What is Psychometric Test or Psychometric Assessment?

A simple definition lies in the word ‘psychometrics’ itself: psycho means to do with the mind, while metrics means to do with measurement. Psychometric attempts to objectively measure aspects of your mental ability or your personality etc. You are most likely to encounter psychometric testing as part of the recruitment or selection process and occupational psychometric tests are designed to provide employers with a reliable method of selecting the most suitable job applicants or candidates for promotion.

• Psychometric tests are an additional opportunity to demonstrate your behavioural traits, competencies, abilities, skills etc.
• Psychometric tests provide a fairer assessment.
• Psychometric tests can help you understand more about your abilities

What does a Psychometric Test look like?

Personality questionnaires and ability or interest tests are either paper-and-pencil based or may be taken on computer. Paper-and-pencil tests often come as a booklet with a separate answer sheet. The answer sheet usually has printed boxes and you indicate your answer to each question or statement by marking the relevant box. You are instructed what to do by a person administering the test. Computerised tests come in different formats. You are given instructions either by an administrator or on the computer screen itself. In some cases, tests are completely computer-administered and you familiarise yourself with the instructions at your own pace and choose when to start the timed test. You usually indicate your answers by clicking on an option.

Cognitive Test or Ability Test or Aptitude Test

The use of cognitive test is the view that mental ability can be generalised across a range of different jobs, so that if an individual is good at solving a certain kind of problem, they are likely to be good at solving other types of problems at academics or in occupations. These tests may measure verbal and numerical reasoning, critical reasoning, or the ability to follow a series of logical steps at an abstract level.

• Verbal ability – reading and understanding or deducing information.
• Numerical ability – solving mathematical problems.
• Reasoning or Non-verbal ability – solving visual puzzles or problems by reasoning e.g. identifying the next shape in a sequence of shapes.

What is Assessment Centre?

Psychometric testing sometimes takes place within the context of an assessment centre. Organisations use a range of selection methods, including interviews, group exercises and role playing, in-basket exercises and other methods, as well as psychometric testing in order to select from a pool of job applicants. Assessment centre selection methods can take one or two days to complete, and because of the cost and time taken they are sometimes referred to as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of selection methods.

Why are Psychometric Tests Used?

Psychometric tests are used for testing, profiling and assessment, for understanding oneself, to plan a career, in hospitals to diagnose mental disorders and it is useful as indicators of shifts in the demand for skills for organisations use, is linked to their wish to measure the skills of prospective employees.

• For career guidance and counselling to assesses personality, interests and abilities etc.
• And to profile individuals and teams to assist team selection and development such as self-awareness, understanding and team communication.
• To identify training and development needs.
• They are used for recruitment and the selection process, alongside other assessment methods to explore the match between the candidate and the role.
• For assessing suitability for promotion of assignment.
• To provide information for use in coaching, such as helping an individual understand their strengths and development areas in order to facilitate personal learning and growth.
• For succession planning, to assess and develop future talent and leadership potential.

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