We are the in the age of continuous of continuity. This is because we don’t know who are our consumers, customers and competitors. It is quite true for many cases. For example – Mobile Phones – They are not sure if they need to compete with landline phones, digital cameras or PDA. A series of […]

My great grandfather believed in organic business life. It was a structured move at a slower pace and on the other hand grandfather believed business to be roller coaster that has lost its guard rails. As generations passed, we are witnessing competitive pressure – this has brought on as more new ideas, more new competitors. […]

        Email communication has over taken snail mail, telephone conversation and face to face interactions. The challenge is the time it takes to ‘read’ and ‘deal’ with emails. Some interesting facts of Email –   It’s easy, quick and convenient. The email is sent out on own terms of sender. CC people […]

Part-2 One of my professor friend’s sons had graduated in 1993, and went to the US for pursuing his MS. While pursuing his graduate degree he was getting a scholarship. He applied for 100 Infosys shares through its public issue in the same year. He was allotted all 100 at Rs 95/- each; totaling his […]