During mock interviews with students, I often ask a series of questions on creative thinking. Some questions were, ‘Are you creative?’, ‘How did you shape your creativity?’, ‘How did you handle constraints at your work?’ and others. These kind of questions and various others will trick one’s brain to think. I present a very interesting […]

Action planning is a process to help anyone to focus ideas and decide what steps to take to achieve a desired goals. It is achieved over a period of time. Preparing an action plan is a good way to help one reach objectives in life. It involves : 1. Identifying single or many objectives 2. […]

Everyone like to be known or identified by their success. ‘No other cosmetic in the world other than success makes a person look beautiful.’ Find Your Genie! The story of two men eating lunch together: Man 1: opened his lunchbox, took out his Dal-Roti, bit into it, and said, “Oh, Dal-Roti again. I hate Dal-Roti.” […]

Part I Dr. Nandkishore Rathi* *The author is a founder of the Loratis Career School www.loratis.co.in based in Bangalore. He has worked as the Director (Campus Relations, Asia Pacific) for Oracle Corporation for five years. Prior to that he served IIT Bombay as Placement in Charge for nine years. His Ph.D. thesis has bagged the […]