Part VI – Words Speak! I have come across many (more than 80 percent) candidates begin their cover letters, “Please find the attached resume/cv, ….do the needful”. Don’t write such a letter. Do follow these basic guidelines: Be clear and concise, and use a simplest conversational tone. One of the major learning for the above […]

You Decide it!  – Part V In a recent discussion with Ms. Poorti M (HR) working for a MNC on procedure on short-listing candidates, once pile of resumes received. The piles of resumes are segregated into ‘Yes’, ‘May Be’, ‘No’. I went on to understand, why some are ‘May be’ and ‘No’. She replies, ‘Everyone […]

With Radicati Group (May 2009) estimate that the number of emails sent per day (in 2009) to be around 247 billion. This means more than 2.8 million emails are sent every second. About 1.4 billion users are genuine and around 80 percent are spam or viruses. Internet has become a major channel to communicate for […]

Education, Achievements, Parents, Aspirations, Passion and many other factors are the first stepping stone for success. I would term them as Science. Education can give or teach us science such as principles Newton’s law of gravity, mixing of recipes to prepare food, issues/bug in a product. Achievements, Aspirations, Passion can provide us a feel good […]

Loratis Career School aims to provide every individual student in India, who takes up the graduate education route, without being really clear about his/her career objectives, career opportunities and the roadmap to a successful career – corporate or otherwise. It is a non-academic School which is focused to reach out to its target audience of […]