I bring this article through experience of interaction and working with teachers and students. I have a strong foresee of ‘Career at Doldrums’ or ‘Career at Stake’ for many budding job aspirants and many working professional in India. I have mentioned about ‘mundane’ kind of education system in earlier articles and this kind of eduction […]

I always like the challenge of training the students with low percentages in academics and perhaps put down by all the people in the world to a certain extent. It’s visible that even ‘Hope is not Hopeful’, as the corporates have drawn a demarcations on their hiring processes. Whenever a student walked to me and […]

I have some interesting observations about the world (life) is not going well and perhaps it applies to anyone. There are ample times, we have said to ourselves – ‘Why this happens only to me?’Oh God! ‘Why people don’t listen or understand me?’ 1. People don’t listen: As Francois La Rochefoucauld says, “The reason why […]