Dear Friend, Individuals behave in different ways, these are circumstance driven, nevertheless each one has a personality that remains identifiable. If this were not true, it would be impossible for people to anticipate reactions of individual’s; the very fact that there are aspects of individual which are predictable testifies to your personality. This doesn’t mean […]

Part IX A scene from Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, where Shahrukh Khan is waiting for Rani Mukherjee at zebra crossing. He sees Preity Zinta and Rani walk towards him. Karan Johar took 108 re-takes to get it right. That’s pretty much how I feel about interviews. One has to keep auditioning until it is right. […]

Part VII – Uncertainties! I shall discuss and take you through two aspects in Part VII – * Firstly, Initial Phone call – To fix an appointment, some interviewers have general telephonic call (non-functional discussion). One might inform you about the time, venue, and documents to carry. The job aspirant should present professional image  (no […]

Third Series The major problems in an interview management are as follows : Insufficient Time Devoted to Measurement – One has to spend adequate time to measure the candidate. The problem associated to this is may be the interviewer often does most of the talking. Interviewers like to talk about things with which they are […]