Ra.One was a much awaited movie and high expectation were set to break all the Bollywood records. Before we get into learning’s from ‘Ra.One Effect’, lets look into some of the pro’s and con’s of it. We should applause Shahrukh Khan and his production unit to take the Bollywood to the next level. The movie […]

I always wondered to know, how anyone choose their dream companies? According the Philip Kothler, it is observed there are four types of companies – 1. Those that make things to happen 2. Those that watch things to happen and respond 3. Those that watch things to happen and don’t respond 4. Those that didn’t […]

A Professional Networks – Part III Part II  discussed about preparation for job interview. To its continuation with Mr. Michael Kumar, Q.E., Adobe inputs we shall conclude. He feels that, Indian education and working systems does not provide re-wind career option or switch of career so easily. It’s necessary for one to have rational reason […]