The value of thing changes based on the amount of attention we give. Even intimate experiences such as conversation, sports or non-causal sex (physically and emotionally) if treated with split attention will inevitably make them non-intimate experience. Even the intimate experience of a five-star dinning experience, the kind of slow movement of food – will […]

I always like the challenge of training the students with low percentages in academics and perhaps put down by all the people in the world to a certain extent. It’s visible that even ‘Hope is not Hopeful’, as the corporates have drawn a demarcations on their hiring processes. Whenever a student walked to me and […]

I am asked ample a times, Are you theist or atheist? Perhaps my answer is not important here. The question on faith has very public consequence in most cultures. Perhaps we can think of many reasons, ‘Why faith matters?’,and I have faith my thoughts on them that likely to get me in trouble. I may […]

Clutter to Clarity : Part II Step II: Visit a Career Counsellor There will be different opinion from parents, relatives, teachers and friends to choose a particular field of studies. This makes the child to get into a state of dilemma and uncertainty which later hinders their ability. So, to avoid these types of circumstances […]

Everyone like to be known or identified by their success. ‘No other cosmetic in the world other than success makes a person look beautiful.’ Find Your Genie! The story of two men eating lunch together: Man 1: opened his lunchbox, took out his Dal-Roti, bit into it, and said, “Oh, Dal-Roti again. I hate Dal-Roti.” […]