I wondered ‘Why do people smoke?’ with little bit of research reading I found some interesting things to relate it body language signals. Smoking has less to do with nicotine addition and more to do with the need of reassurance to overcome inner conflict by giving away outward puff of cigar. In other words, its […]

I had read about Dutch culture before departing India for my work. It took few days to get used to their culture. Every person moving in a lift was wished by saying ‘Hello’, I sometime wonder if we had to say ‘Hello’ to everyone in India. We had perhaps done only that for the entire […]

We are caught ample times by our mother’s for not saying truth to times. This to say someone is quite receptive about others. This is nothing but an ability to read other’s body language and compare the same with the verbal signals. Both these seems to contradict to each other.I recall a beautiful friend of […]

Loratis welcome you for the year 2012!We hope this year gives you a good career growth and keeps you in pink health. We bring you series on ‘Communication Skills and Body Language’ for Jan 2012. Here I present the first article on this topic. I am continued to ask, ‘How do I improve Spoken Communication […]