I bring this article through experience of interaction and working with teachers and students. I have a strong foresee of ‘Career at Doldrums’ or ‘Career at Stake’ for many budding job aspirants and many working professional in India. I have mentioned about ‘mundane’ kind of education system in earlier articles and this kind of eduction […]

The value of thing changes based on the amount of attention we give. Even intimate experiences such as conversation, sports or non-causal sex (physically and emotionally) if treated with split attention will inevitably make them non-intimate experience. Even the intimate experience of a five-star dinning experience, the kind of slow movement of food – will […]

I always like the challenge of training the students with low percentages in academics and perhaps put down by all the people in the world to a certain extent. It’s visible that even ‘Hope is not Hopeful’, as the corporates have drawn a demarcations on their hiring processes. Whenever a student walked to me and […]

I am asked ample a times, Are you theist or atheist? Perhaps my answer is not important here. The question on faith has very public consequence in most cultures. Perhaps we can think of many reasons, ‘Why faith matters?’,and I have faith my thoughts on them that likely to get me in trouble. I may […]

Let me take you to your school day (perhaps thinking itself is nostalgic), History and English teacher taught us about great people. I used to ask a question to myself sitting in the class – ‘How to be great, without being unbearable?’ I ask this because great people in history (especially) have stories are filled […]

During mock interviews with students, I often ask a series of questions on creative thinking. Some questions were, ‘Are you creative?’, ‘How did you shape your creativity?’, ‘How did you handle constraints at your work?’ and others. These kind of questions and various others will trick one’s brain to think. I present a very interesting […]