Every generation has seen a trend in the job preferences by graduating students and professionals. During the days of our forefathers the most sought after jobs were from the public sectors including defense services and the nationalized banks. Later the trend upgraded to engineers and doctors. Today the trend is to become software professional or […]

    First Series If you are asked to choose one of the best personalities it could be one or others such as Shahrukh Khan (actor), Sonia Gandhi (politician), Sachin Tendulkar (sports), Bill Gates (American Business Magnet), Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam (Scientist) and many more. The reasons for choosing one or more personalities […]

Theories play vital roles and it need to be related with Name, Place, Animal and Thing. It can be fun to learn the nightmare subject if dealt relating them Name, Place, Animal and Thing. One more interesting way is through visuals and movies play a vital role. Here I discuss few of such theories and […]