Theories play vital roles and it need to be related with Name, Place, Animal and Thing. It can be fun to learn the nightmare subject if dealt relating them Name, Place, Animal and Thing. One more interesting way is through visuals and movies play a vital role. Here I discuss few of such theories and […]

Here I refer HUM TUM Technology to primal urge technology that we all need day today. It is hard to imagine without this primal urge technology. This technology is hardly discussed, even if it discussed it thought as disgusting, chee chee etc. It is also part of 50 wittiest tales of Birbal. It is most […]

[polldaddy poll=1773995] Introduction Although films over the decades have revolutionized the silver screen and its audience, the concept of education through films is a remarkable initiative.Films have always been influential and inspirational to its viewers over the century. This document highlights the effort to introduce the Indian cinema through the mode of education. Cinema – […]

India is in the verge of becoming  #1 for number of graduating students from engineering and technical background. There are over 1300 technical institutes (Engineering Colleges) in India producing close to 440,000 graduate Engineers every year and over 750 management institutes producing more than 30,000 MBAs. Unfortunately only about 5% of the graduates are employable […]

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