MEDICAL REPOSITORY DOCTORS PARAMEDICAL SCIENCE Audiology Nurse Microbiology Cardiologist Ayurveda Naturopathy Dentist Electropathy Pathalogy Orthopedics Homeopathy Pharmacovigilance Opthalmologists Medical Lab Technologist Pharmacist Psychiatrist Naturopathy   Radiography Nutritionist/Dietician   Sports Medicine Occupational Therapist   Veterinary Science Physiotherapist     Speech Therapy       Audiology: are healthcare professionals who provide patient-centered care in the prevention, identification, […]

Sometimes Later can Become Never Procrastination is the most convenient way of getting rid of the work which may need attention. In a student life, there are many assignments and projects which decide our next step in our progress. With a lot of difficulty and force, some students do take these commitments very seriously and […]

YOU aren’t Sheep! Media Isn’t the Shepherd. Vocations or jobs are an important milestone in terms of career that an individual makes. In the speedy development and growth of technology, the strength of media in our current time has boomed from what it was ten-fifteen years back. Well, this is a good sign because it […]

In the world set trend of Competitions and pursuit of Excellence, it is you as students who play the most important role in having the ultimate decision you make for your career. The surrounding influences such as generic family occupation choices, our schooling, and advertisements put front by media, the peer circle which we engage […]

Forgiveness is the essence of transformation. Without forgiveness we cannot bridge our past with the future that we seek. Forgiveness permits us to grow from our experiences, rather than react to them. In career too, we must learn to forgive those who have wronged us, as well as to forgive ourselves for the wrongs we […]

During various interactions with me on career-related issues, at least 20 graduates expressed Vijay Mallya as their role model. At various B Schools, I have been giving the example of Rajat Gupta for past 15 years for ‘what they can possibly be’ as one of the highest professional possibilities. Many young students might have Maria […]

Teachers help students develop interest in a subject by virtue of their mastery on the subject matter and by being ‘good’ at teaching it. This excellence inspires a student, and their interest in that subject is enhanced. Teachers also influence the value system and habits of a student in the similar way, by becoming a […]

Power of Self-Empowerment   According to a 142-country study by Gallup, a whopping 87% of the total global workforce is “Not Engaged” at work. Of this, 24% are “Actively Dis-engaged”. “Not engaged” means that they lack motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary effort in organizational goals or outcomes and ‘actively dis-engaged’ indicates that they […]