Ajay, a son, a friend and a student who just passed out from his 10 th std scored 92% in his board exam. As it was the vacation time, it had become his daily routine to go on the hills behind his homeand draw whatever he sees at the first sight. Nothing different, he packed his bags and was about to leave when his father stopped him and said in a husky voice, ”Ajay, please come here beta! Your uncle from USA wants to talk to you about something”. Ajay instantly knew what the intention of his father and his uncle was. After having a long chat on the phone, Ajay and his parents sat together and started discussion about the career prospects he got to know on the phone. Already bored of the discussion, Ajay started uploading one of his drawings on Instagram. The father fumed on this and snatched away the phone, warning him to start taking things seriously and keep these drawings aside.

Ajay nodded and went outside to meet his friends. It was in no time when all of them started talking about what they wanted to do. They were all using heavy words like data scientist, financial analyst, portfolio manager and what not. To this Ajay felt so left out as he knew the only thing he can do was drawing. He had all those words going up in his head, “analyst”, ”advisor” etc. It was only time when at the dinner table, father asked to choose him the side he wanted to pursue. All he can say was, “umm, Analyst”. Upon hearing this word, the grin the father and mother gave was like Ajay already was one. Ajay was also happy that he would be left alone from now on.

The next day while collecting the result, it was obvious that Ajay had scored good in academics but he also had scored an A+ in arts. But, the foresightedness of the teacher only told that Ajay being very good in maths and science, he could surely go into Engineering and do an MBA after that so that he can continue his path towards becoming an analyst. All were happy, Ajay was happy. Ajay cleared his engineering exams, took admission to one of the top colleges for MBA. The real struggle started when he entered the industry, he couldn’t cope up with what an analyst does actually. Poor performance, irregularity and lack of knowledge cost him his job. But whatever happened, the people still blame him for being uncompetitive. We have many Ajays around us. Academically strong in something doesn’t mean that you can do the professional work easily.

There are only 3 options which could change or could have made a change in Ajays life:
1. Either people around Ajay could have understood him
2. Or Ajay can decide on his own
3. Visit a Career Counsellor

Let the influences not affect your life and career. Sometimes, we have the intuitions to what we want to do, follow them.

Don’t be Ajay. Be yourself.

Pratik Hublikar
Centre Navigator

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