It gets difficult to manage your life well when you need to work for long hours to perform well and also to save your job since the competition is getting higher day by day. According to a survey by Harvard Business School, 94% of the professionals work for more than 50% every week. Here, half of such people claimed the figure to be more than 65 hours every week.

According to the experts, the growing stress in the work environment makes the health and relationships suffer. You just miss the moments of happiness here. There are different definitions of work and life for everybody. Read out the career, health and life tips to prevent you from making errors. Here they are!

1. You Do Not Have To Be a Perfectionist

If you get to read the biographies of the successful people around the world, you will come to know that many of their working habits developed at a very small age. They started early when the habits are easy to develop.

If you are not among them then do not force yourself to be a perfectionist at everything. Let go of it. There is a huge difference between the responsibilities of a small kid and a grown-up man. So, care less about it.

2. It Is The Technology Which Does Not Let You Relax

Whether it is your professional life or personal life, technology keeps you connected to everybody and everywhere even when you do not want it. Checking emails from clients, making phone calls to the customers or browsing the website of the Company should be restricted to the working hours only.

When you reach home or go to a family dinner, sometimes it is okay to switch off the gadgets for the quality time with friends and family. You need to consider the fact that there is never-ending work. You just can’t help it.

3. Stay Fresh With Exercise And Meditation

Meditation and exercise are known to be the stress busters. Even if you are not a fitness freak, you must take out some time for meditation or yoga. Also, due to exercises, feel-good endorphins inside the body are pumped up which helps in reducing the stress and keeping you active throughout the day.

4. Do Not Waste Time On Unproductive Activities

Prepare a list of all the important tasks that need to be done. Prepare a separate section of the people that are very important in your life. You will have to give time to them no matter what. This way you will be able to save quality time and stay away from the unproductive activities and people. Set your priority straight and be clever in doing that.

5. Prepare a Work Journal

So, you can start with a week work journal where you can track your work habits and also the breaks that you must take. If you are working for a longer time and is avoiding breaks then it is better to not take such pressure. Small breaks are very important for your health.

6. Big Goals Do Not Work More Often So Keep It Small

Make small goals. This is the first step for a healthy personal and professional life. For instance, if you want to cook a meal, go for grocery shopping with your partner or if last time you were unable to attend the football game of your son, be a part of it the next time for sure. Filling gaps and knowing what is important in your life is important.

Transitions are important for the life. Life is not going to be the same all the time. You need to know how you will manage these changes in your life. Plan it properly so that you do not miss out anything big and then regret it later.

Also, keep in mind that relaxation is equally important in your life. If your family is planning a long vacation for you as they want to help you in stress reduction, do not say no to them. You need to relax and keep yourself calm all time to start fresh and move ahead in your career.

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