It is nothing but stress which is a growing problem in the country like India. This developing country is facing a severe issue which originates from stress. It is definitely the increase in the suicide rates among the students of class 10th and 12th. Their level of stress is increasing day-by-day.

It is estimated that these suicide rates are the highest when it comes to the people who are aged between 15 to 29. There are several reasons for that but one of the main reasons for the students is the failure in the examination and especially during the board examinations.

Reasons Behind The Growing Suicide Rates

Have you realized the reason behind taking such an extreme step by the younger generation who are known to be the future of the country? Parents pressurize their children to perform well in the board examinations and that is why this issue is the cause of concern for the country. You can find the newspapers filled with such incidents about the suicides of the students during the exams or even after the result is announced.

According to the psychologists, children face trauma and anxiety due to the examination fear. The schools are also responsible for that along with the parents, they make these exams the life and death issue which becomes unbearable for the kids and that is why they take extreme actions.

How Strong Are The Suicide Rates Of Students In India?

According to the latest data obtained by the States and Union territories of India, 26,476 students killed themselves in the past three years. This shows the increase in the problem of suicide here. According to the data that got released, the number of suicides in 2016 is 9,474. This also states that there is one suicide in every 55 minutes. It is a shocking figure which needs consideration.

Talking about Madhya Pradesh, 12 students of class 10th and 12th committed suicide in May 2017. The alarming cases of suicides in different parts of the states like Chhatarpur, Satna, Guna, Balaghat, Indore, Gwalior, Bhind, Tikamgarh etc is surely a matter of concern.

According to the same report, 26 suicides are reported in a single day. This report did not involve the exact cause but the major part of this figure is taken by the suicides of the students. The year 2014 experienced the total case of 2403, the year 2015 saw 2646 and 2016 saw 2413 suicide cases. The reason behind all of them was the fear of the failure in exams among the students. The state which is worst affected among all in the year 2016 in Maharashtra. It experienced 14% of the total cases in the year. It is then followed by West Bengal and Tamil Nadu which stands with 1,147 and 981 cases of suicides respectively.

Situation Of Psychiatrists In The Country

The figure of the psychiatrists and the clinical psychologists is very depressing in India. There are less than 5000 psychiatrists here and this figure gets more distressing when it comes to clinical psychiatrists which stands at 2000 with the ever-increasing population of 1.3 billion. It can be said that with such little resources, the figures of the suicide of the students cannot be controlled. To make the situation better, the necessary actions have to be taken.

What Is Being Done In This Respect?

The central government of India has started a program called District Mental Health Programme in few districts of India in which services related to the prevention of suicide is included. Also, the stress management at the workplace and counselling for the students in colleges and schools are also included

It is important to spread awareness among the general public regarding this. The educational institutes are also taking measures to keep the students stress free. There are many institutes which provide the counselling services at an affordable cost. You can contact them online as your child will get to know about his interests and career goals in a better way.

Importance Of Career Counselling For Students

  • Career counselling is very important if you want to plan your career effectively
  • Taking a reliable and recognized career assessment test remains the first step in career counselling
  • Your career counsellor gets a comprehensive idea about your abilities, interests and personality through this career assessment test
  • Based on your interests, abilities and personality, your career counsellor will examine 100s of jobs in the market and will eventually come up with a right option for you
  • In addition to that, a wide range of educational options are also examined by your counsellor so that you can receive quality education that you truly deserve

Therefore, if you want to plan your career in the right way and get a good education to shape your future, you must take the help of career counselling services offered by a renowned institution.

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