Are You Happy With Your Job

While any job comes with hassles, perhaps there is enough good to outweigh the bad. Thinking work is not for fun is a myth. The myth, created by people who used to work in the era when job security considered to be important than job satisfaction. Now the situation has been changed, having career aspiration is needed to sustain in the competition. After enjoying happiness of getting job and living on your own, people starts complaining about the workplace, people they work with, type responsibilities. But they don’t want to accept that this job is not right for them. Unhappy people don’t add much value to organization as well as to their own career. So review yourself that are you happy with your current job.

Start of the day:  You are happy to work if you are excited to jump out of bed to accomplish your planned work. On the other hand, does waking up in the morning and thinking about work makes you feel cover yourself in bed again? Then this might be the sign of your unhappiness at job.

Sunday night anxiety: The weekend should definitely feel like a much needed break. After having rest you get charged up to perform planned activity at work, and then you are enjoying your job.  Everyone feels a little bummed on Monday morning, but if its feels you with anxiety you’re probably not happy with your job.

Energy Level at work: You really enjoy your work if you are always ready to complete the work. Your energy level starts increasing with the completion of task. When you’re unhappy, you start losing energy.  If your job is not engaging your energy or stimulating you, it might not be the right job for you.

New challenges: New challenges motivate you to work well, you want complete task with efficiency then you are happy with what you are doing.  Rather you want to run away from new roles and find it stressful to accept new challenges then you are unhappy with your job.

People you work with: It’s fun to work with colleague and you enjoy fruitful debate with them, then you are happy at your workplace.  On the other hand, you don’t share good rapport with your colleagues and working with them annoys you. Often you get in to silly arguments with them, and then probably you are not happy there.

Utilization of your skills and knowledge: You feel happy if the kind of duties and responsibilities you are getting is honing your skills and knowledge.  And even after working efficiently on whatever task assign to you, still you think that your knowledge and skills is being underused then may be this not right fit for you.

Money as a motivator: Money is not the only catalyst to work, your work motivates you to strive for excellence in your performance then you are happy with your job.  If you are working only in the hope of increasing bank balance and simply overlooking your personal growth then you really need to reevaluate your job.

Work life balance: Finding the right work-life balance can make you more productive at work while you feel more at ease and less stressed at home. You can enjoy being at home after work, you are not worried about work commitments. On the other hand you return home with work related stress and you are unable enjoy personal life then you need to check whether you are happy with your job or not.

Merely doing job will not lead you to successful career. Sometimes it’s not only about the workplace it’s about kind job you are doing, kind of profession you are working in. Doing right job at right time will surely help you to achieve great level of success in career.

First step of doing right job is to know what is right for you. If you feel like shucked at wrong place then guidance from career counsellor can help you to find out the way. Complaining about past and thinking about future won’t make the things happier, taking steps for your present leads to great happiness.

Pallavi Bodkhe

Center Navigator – Pune

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