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The 10th standard is an important stage in one’s life as it is the deciding one for your career and future. Your whole future depends on what you decide to do after your 10th. In a country like India, it is vital to choose a suitable stream to pursue your career and it has a huge effect on your future.

There are mainly three streams from which you can select the best suitable to your career. These streams are commerce, science, and arts. Moreover, you can also undertake some diploma course directly after completing your 10th  which can be of four years or so. But, normally, students choose one of the main stream courses to pursue to have a good scope of career options in future.

Now, when the 10th standard is completed, the decision making comes in front of the students and this is where they get confused and feel nervous for the same. For pursuing a potential career, you need to look for all the options and compare them with the criteria and their feasibility. It is vital that you choose the right stream for yourself, considering all the factors affecting the same.

Let us have a look at some of the tips that will guide you through taking this important decision for your future.

Aptitude, Strengths, And Personality

It is vital that you consider your marks in the subjects, to decide on the stream of your choice. Make a practical comparison between the marks and the stream you want to select. For example, if you want to go in Science, it is a must that you should have scored the best marks in the subjects of Math and science. Likewise, it is required that you analyse everything in detail before you move to make any decision. Also, see in what things or subjects you are strong and make them a part of your decision.

Understand The Streams Thoroughly

When you know that you have to choose one among these three streams, you have to thoroughly understand each of them. If you opt for Science, you have got options of career like that of a doctor, engineer, and more. If you feel, it did not work out in the Science stream, then you can pursue the commerce or the arts stream. But, if you select the commerce or arts stream and feel it did not work out, you cannot return to the science stream. This is the main thing you need to understand about the streams and their importance based on the subjects they offer.

Take Educational Counselling

An educational counsellor can be the best person to show you the pros and cons of selecting a particular stream based on your marks, strengths, capabilities, and career options. So, visit a professional counsellor who can guide you through this decision of yours. Get the best career counseling from Loratis Set My Career in Pune, as they are highly educated and experienced professionals who will help you in taking strong and powerful decisions that will move your career in the right direction.

Attention To Your Interest And Passion

After analysing your strengths, and capabilities, it is important that you should also consider your interest and passion for a particular subject. If you are really passionate about a subject or a stream or a career, then go for further detailing of the stream and its careers options. It will help you have a clear picture as to what you want and what you can get.

Look For The Career Options Of a Particular Stream

When you feel that you are interested in a particular stream or a subject, then it is the time to check out the career options that it offers to you for your future. See, whether those career options interest you and to what extent they do. Moreover, it is vital that you check those career options in relevance to their feasibility and practicability.

Undertake Field Trips

Once you are decided on taking up a particular stream, and its career option, it is vital that you take a trip to those professional places to ensure whether you will be able to work in that environment. For example, if you want to become a doctor, then it will be a good way to decide on it by visiting a hospital and see its environment.

As a student, it is a big question and a decision what stream to opt after 10th and this decision has a huge effect on your career as well as your future. So, take this decision wisely, after considering each and every factor affecting your decision.

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