Sometimes Later can Become Never


Procrastination is the most convenient way of getting rid of the work which may need attention. In a student life, there are many assignments and projects which decide our next step in our progress. With a lot of difficulty and force, some students do take these commitments very seriously and on the other hand few begin to procrastinate. This process is a very easily available luxury to those who lack accurate attention and determination to fulfill a task. It can be taxing to a student, when he or she has engaged much in dwelling in the action of pushing things to be done in the last moment. Procrastination would not only make the individual lazy but also the quality of the work delivered may question the person’s capabilities.

In a career making path, a student is expected to be prompt and energetic for building a career. But when there would be a laid back attitude, it hinders the progress of a person. Parents and closed ones to an individual play a vital role in helping student fight through the struggle in choosing a career. The kind of motivation and encouragement received from such strong pillars of a student can help the struggle to be smooth. When a student isn’t receiving the right kind of back up from support systems like parents, the level of procrastination becomes higher; lack of concentration will slowly turn to be a habit of an individual. If we took the example of having a garden in your terrace, the care, and nurturance is a must. If not, it will just leave the plants to dry up in the sun and the beauty of the plants would be unexplored. Similarly career and procrastination is just as the flower and the unexplored beauty of it. Each of you as student possesses a unique quality and flair to do some work which would give you stability in your lives.  It is important for survival and mental satisfaction, to pursue a career you like to. Procrastination is an excuse which a student cannot afford to use while they are at career peak for choosing stream/field of study. Although it is easily enjoyed activity by humans when there is a lot of time to fulfill deadlines. The moment we delay of actions which needs immediate gratification for career choice, a student will lose interest, drain in confidence and most importantly one will lose time which is irreplaceable.

Forcing a child to choose or take the career as just as what you – parent had taken will make the child to lose its valuable footprint in their journey. This will happen because he or she will follow yours but his own mark needs to be left behind too in this lifetime – just as you did when you were deciding your career. Parents’ encouragement will allow the students to reach their career destination. But, the ones without the support will not only procrastinate to think about one’s career path; also could be a failure in reaching their career point. Loratis Setmycareer is one such environment, where we believe in helping you as a career deciding student to deal and provide you guidance with such a kind of concern.

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