YOU aren’t Sheep! Media Isn’t the Shepherd.

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Vocations or jobs are an important milestone in terms of career that an individual makes. In the speedy development and growth of technology, the strength of media in our current time has boomed from what it was ten-fifteen years back. Well, this is a good sign because it shows how many improvisations have taken place to better the communication between people and the latest developments which may be related to either a job/course or even a gadget. Ultimately, this progress has led to the responsibility in keeping the people informed. Yes, there is a drawback too in its aspect; for there are both good and bad that is being ingrained in our minds with the help of Media.

When we talk about media, it’s one among the vast lifestyle changes that has affected the way a person thinks and behaves. The most common way in which you and I are connected today, can be through different modes of media such as phones, newspapers, social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more and last but surely not the least is the television. Not all information what these portals share or the television casts can be accurate. Hence, it is appropriate to say that we aren’t Sheep and media cannot be the Shepherd. They may instead serve the purpose for influencing impressionable minds into wrong motives and understanding. Media helps in the formation of a both reasonable and unreasonable approach when we talk about career of an individual. No Doubt, the market offers many opportunities which provide the various kinds of professions available for students. Sometimes, it may involve contrasting views of the same profession from different people. Media has dominantly promoted the fields such as Law, Engineering, and Medical through newspapers, movies, social media posts etc. Slowly, it has progressed into showing other talented and equally prospectus careers like Arts, Humanities, Designing industry, Mass communication etc. The biased thoughts with regard to the subjects like social sciences must be challenged because each field or career is different from its content and nature of jobs would differ.

The positive aspects about media is that the young generation is getting informed, alarmed and accustomed to various work cultures and the careers available in the market. There are also the negatives such as developing particular perceptions about specific careers like doctors or engineers could be only suitable for men and teaching professions, homemakers, beautician etc. can be only related to females taking up such interests. This is a mis-guide to the youngsters/school children if they have taken such a food for thought from ‘Media.’ Loratis setmycareer will help you strengthen the positive perspectives and help curb the stereotypes associated with career choices which you would make in your lifetime.


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