work-life-integration blog pic 2 Very few people are happy at work as well as at home. The others struggle to achieve so called ‘balance’. They struggle to accomplish their work objectives and are unhappy about the kind of time that they can devote to their families.

The key is having a ‘right job’ – a job that aligns with your true passion, interests, abilities, personality and talents. When you are in a right job, you are passionate about your work. This creates abundance of positive energy and joy in your work, which leads to excellence. This excellence also means that you have control over your job and influence over your job-environment. You are now in your comfort zone because ‘making things happen’ comes with ease. This is the same kind of comfort zone that you experience when you are at home with your loved ones. You are at peace and available to the people and things around you. At work, you ‘do more work in less time’.

When you come home (possibly early) after such a day at work, you feel positive and can spend more quality time with your family. You can fix the broken fridge or play a board game with your child. It is the reverse when the ‘nature’ of the work you do is not in sync with your ‘true self’.

So, discover yourself, explore the right kind of work and enjoy quality in your personal and professional blog pic

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