parkingpic2Parking is a huge issue in our country. Finding parking is hard enough these days. In case you are in a hurry and park in a wrong place, your car is locked, towed away, or you are penalized monetarily. It is similar in career. Finding a job itself is hard due to fierce competition. If you find the right one, that’s great; you found your right career spot. But if you end up in one either because the employer or you were desperate, you may pay the price in terms of warnings, penalties or getting stuck.

If you park in a spot that is not meant for you (e.g. handicapped spot), you may be asked to vacate it as soon as the eligible person arrives, or face the brunt. Similarly, if the company finds a better candidate (the ‘right one’), you will then be asked to leave, or asked to work on something that is ‘most unwanted’ as per your passion/skills.

You need to make sure that every time you make a change, the job is meant (and meaningful) for you. If you park your career in a spot that is not meant for you, eventually you will be either ‘towed’ away by the employer and parked in a place of their preference                                                     (not what is right for your career). You may experience low performance ratings from your bosses leading to low self-esteem. Sooner or later someone will come and replace you. Sometimes your career can be ‘locked’ like a vehicle because you get to keep the job (slot) but are stuck instead of moving ahead towards your goal.parkingpic1

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