During various interactions with me on career-related issues, at least 20 graduates expressed Vijay Mallya as their role model. At various B Schools, I have been giving the example of Rajat Gupta for past 15 years for ‘what they can possibly be’ as one of the highest professional possibilities.

Many young students might have Maria Sharapova, Diego Maradona or Tiger Woods as their sports icons. They might also be fan-clubs for the likes of Picture4Sanjay Dutt, Rajendra Pachauri, Tiger Woods, Asaram or the Sahara Chief.

What happens to these fans when their role models get into unethical, unprofessional and unsolicited behaviour or practices?

The only thing that comes to my mind is ‘let’s look at their positives, ignore their negatives, and ultimately, be our own role models’. We can also pick up a few great things from our parents, teachers, managers and march ahead without emotional disturbance.


I invite people to share their views.



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