There is no denying the fact that communication remains an integral part of the story of human development. Since the time human beings have made their presence in this beautiful planet, communication has always played a significant role in enhancing their sociopolitical, economic, and religious development.

Imagine for a second that there is nothing called “Communication.” What comes to your mind then? I am sure that different people will have different answers for this question, but if I have to reply it, let me tell you frankly that I cannot even dare to imagine that. It really scares me a lot. As the existence of human beings is impossible without oxygen and water, similarly their sociopolitical, economic and religious development remains impossible without communication.

A Brief Account on the Concept of Communication

If I have to describe communication in Layman’s words,

It is nothing but a process of imparting or exchanging information in order to send a message to either a single person or to a group of people.

Communication can be classified into two main categories which include

  • Verbal communication &
  • Non-Verbal communication.

Verbal communication is the process of imparting information through words and sound. Face-to-face communication, telephonic conversations, and written communication etc., fall within the definition of verbal communication. However Non-Verbal communication involves the use of gestures, facial expressions, body language and eye contacts etc., to communicate a message to others.

Significance of Communication Skills for your Professional Growth

If in case you are not a good communicator, you must enhance your communication skills because they are really crucial for your career. Nowadays, nobody wants to hire an employee, who is not good at conveying his or her thoughts to others. If a person has gone for an interview and even if he/she is too intelligent, but doesn’t know how to communicate his or her ideas, then it becomes next to impossible for him/her to crack an interview.
In today’s competitive working environments, seamless communication remains the key behind the success of all sort of businesses. And that is the reason whenever you go for an interview, your interviewer notices your communication skills over and over again.


Good communication skills enhance a person’s leadership qualities and add an extra charm to his personality. There is no denying the fact that people with exceptional communication skills, rule the heart of their colleagues and employer. Their outspoken nature effectively distinguishes them from rest of the crowd, which allow them to get others respect.

Now if I talk about professional growth, nobody can beat the people with good communication skills and outspoken nature when it comes to getting promotions or obtaining career growth. During the appraisal period, people with enhanced communication skills easily get the attention of their supervisors, team leaders and managers – who are ultimately accountable for reviewing their performance over a period of time.

People with extraordinary communication skills easily get the chance to get into leadership positions, as they are believed to handle the situations in a better way.

It’s Really Important to Improve Communication Skills

However, if you are someone, who is not that efficient in communicating ideas to others, you must take an initiative to improve your communication skills. And believe me, enhancing your communication skills is not a daunting task, all you have to do is be a little serious about it.

There are a number of things that you can do for enhancing your skills such a observe your body language and improve it. Yes, it’s true that whenever you go for public speaking your body language is also observed by people, hence it becomes important for you to improve your body language. This can be done by watching a lot of public speaking videos, which can give you a lot of ideas about how to maintain your body posture while delivering a speech or while addressing subordinates and superiors.

Apart from that, getting rid of unwanted conversation fillers such as ‘um,’ ‘aa’ and ‘like,’ etc., can give a huge boost to your communication style. You normally include these fillers in your conversation when you do not know what to speak next and that ruins everything. So, what you can do is prepare your speech a little bit before you hit the stage.

In addition to that, extensive Reading is also very helpful for enhancing communication skills and for upgrading your knowledge.

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