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Considering the fact that career counselling grooms you for a bright career ahead, it naturally becomes an important part of your life. There is no denying the fact that for securing a prosperous future, we need to start working towards it in advance. And this should start right from our school time.

In most of the cases, after clearing their 12th-grade, students have no idea about what to pursue next. That is the time when they face some of the most difficult situations in their lives in terms of deciding what to do next and where to do it from. And the decisions taken during this time are really crucial as they hold the potential of either making or breaking your life. One right decision taken by you can help you land safely in your professional life, however, a wrong decision can end up ruining everything.

And that is the reason people opt for Career Counselling so that they can prevent themselves from falling into such chaotic situations, which are extremely dangerous for their future.

Importance of Psychometric Tests

Since I am discussing career counselling in this blog, let me begin by describing the importance of Psychometric Tests which are really helpful for students as well as for those who already have a job.

Psychometric tests are an important part of career counselling, and they are generally designed by Psychologists for analyzing a person’s aptitude. While undergoing these tests, a person has to deal with the questions related to

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning

These tests are really crucial for people to understand their aptitude because on the basis of their results they can work towards enhancing their skills. They can easily identify the area in which they need to work harder.

When it comes to identifying a person’s potential to deal with numbers speedily and precisely, numerical reasoning tests can prove to be really helpful. On the other hand, verbal reasoning and diagrammatic reasoning tests are really crucial for analyzing a person’s constructive thinking and logical reasoning abilities respectively.

In addition to that Situational judgment, tests are also performed for figuring out a person’s capacity to handle the situations at workplace.

Results of Psychometric Tests can be used in Preparing for a Right Job

Since these tests are really helpful for understanding a person’s skills, verbal abilities, mental abilities and eventually the entire personality, their results can be used as a part of career counselling for directing a person towards a specific field.



For taking the full advantages of psychometric tests, it is better to start career counseling after 10th grade and perform these tremendously crucial tests. These tests can prove really helpful for you, when it comes to selecting a right stream among Arts, Science and Commerce after the 10th grade.

However, if you fail to perform psychometric tests during the 10th grade, you can also approach a career counselor during your 12th grade and can take necessary assistance from him or her.

In today’s cut-throat working environments, it has become really difficult to sail safely without the assistance of a career counselor. No one can beat them in terms of providing helpful suggestions, not even your family members. You can take their help in a variety of matters such as resume writing, finding a new job, seeking advice on career change and career development etc.

You can take the support of a career counselor for sorting out all the problems related to your career. Either you are facing problem in finding your first ever job or want to switch over to a new one, career counselors are always there to assist you with experts advice, which can change your life entirely.

So if you are really waiting for a nice job, you must approach a career counselor for right advice.

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