Training and awareness on employability & career counseling at 200 schools in West Bengal by FICCI and an NGO revealed that there has been improvement among students in English communication as also IT skills, organisation of thought processes and career awareness. The study on 30,000 students of 9th & 10th standards, threw up a number of suggestions. Heads of the schools suggested a program on soft skills and Career Counseling in the regular curriculum. The survey indicated around 57 per cent of students were interested in diverse career choices like journalism, army, sports, photography, event management, nursing, music, film direction and disc jockeying.

It showed girls (61 per cent) were more interested in non-traditional jobs than boys (50 per cent), The study also revealed considerable awareness about career opportunities outside science subjects.

This also mean that if given an opportunity, we can help children choose the right career options as per their talent & interest, thereby making them achieve a considerable level of success without compromising on Job-&-Academic Happiness!


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