Job loss will be a major impact in one’s career & the most difficult work related situation that an individual may encounter. It is a situation filled with stress & challenges. Most of the research literature focused on unemployment states negative effects and profound difficulties that job loss creates for the affected individual. Even we can find many studies addressing the importance of job search & finding a new job as primary goal of the unemployed.

Job Loss

Due to desperation of getting a job at the earliest, yet, upon reemployment, many individuals, especially professionals at senior level are underemployed, they work at lower levels and they are paid less than in their last job & experience a demotion in their careers. Thus, the cycle of job hunting forms as individuals look for yet another job.

As I can recall many clients I worked with, who had varied experience in different sectors & graduated from top universities across the globe.

Case – A mid-level executive – bold and dynamic, who changed three jobs in the span of three and half years — she started her career as Manager for Training & Development to H.R.Generalist in the second job then as Staffing Advisor in the third job at a lower level and currently unemployed.

Now let’s see the other side of the job loss – the positive effects yet often ignored that a job loss may have on individual’s career after reemployment.

Even I have worked with the clients, who experienced unemployment as blessing in disguise, while they perceived it as a negative life event in their career, they  appreciated and also transformed themselves and took it as an opportunity to change their direction in life & to improve their career prospects.

In the above tendency, these client exhibited a certain amount of Career Adaptability, inspite of a negative and stressful external & internal demands. They proactively formed a coping strategy to deal with theses demands.

Career Adaptability happened through Career Exploration, Planning & strong Belief in Self. As the world of work is rapidly changing, the need to reflect upon one’s career options & re-defining self is a continuous process. The gathering of relevant information pertaining to the progress of one’s career is paramount. It is a lifelong process that supports an individual to cope during transitions.

In addition, Career Planning will help to outline future career developments, setting & pursuing career goals. As contemporary careers are predominantly characterised by lifelong planning, it is especially pertinent during career transitions such as job loss.

Moreover, re-defining one self through identifying personal & technical competencies, areas to be transformed, and interest areas – in accordance to career exploration and career planning.

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