Career growth every time is not all about material gain like promotion, designation, power or becoming a manager with a bigger number of people reporting to you. The real career growth is about ‘higher-level of responsibility’ that is given to you based on your capability (in the same designation). Once you deliver as per the expectations in this ‘new responsibility’, you will be given more next time. One day, your manager will become so dependent on you that he can’t think of loosing you. This is the time you will get the ‘material’ career growth; but more than this, if there is a new role at a new place with higher scope of work with in the company, ‘you will be the first person’ being considered by your manager. Money is following you now, and will follow further if your continue the above.

It is not ‘promotion’ or ‘growth’ that comes first and then more responsibility. It is the other way round. All the best…



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