As we know the concept of job security is fading day by day. Everyday we see a global metamorphism (change in the form) in technology, business, economy; which means Change and Uncertainty are inevitable.

Over 20 years ago, employee could have worked for the same employer during his lifetime. The employer-employee relationship was characterized as a parent-child relationship. The organization provided the employment for the jobs that were narrowly defined with financial security, good life style, status in the society, and job security in exchange for the employee’s hard work, good performance and loyalty.

In the past 18 years, a different view emerged which filled the lacuna and changed the way one perceive’s the job and career. The nature of the employment has changed and a contemporary model evolved with the intense flow of information and technology advancement, where new concepts like down-sizing, freelancing, out-sourcing came into into existence. Now employer-employee relationship emphasis on worker employability rather than job security.

On the other hand, when one sector had more openings and more demand for the human resources whereas for other sectors didn’t create much employment and attract people. There was demand supply issue, where there was much more supply and demand was minimal.

Due to unawareness of constant change, we can see a dissonance (lack of agreement or consistency) in the market and economy in particular. With the immense availability and openings in few sectors for the employment, created disequilibrium with the other sectors in the human resources.

It means employee – has to study and understand the market trends and to continually develop their skills to maintain their employability in a new economy.

One factor which makes us to think – “Everything is fixed – stable and unchanging” is no more exists. This gives rise to the new way of thinking where one has to develop the skills of adaptation and resilience required to negotiate and use productively the fluctuating fortunes of their careers. It involves continuous reinventing oneself, to identify opportunities, to recover form setbacks, to find meaningful work that matters to them and to others, and to capitalize on chance.

Fida Balegar
Passion Navigator

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