People today focus a lot on technical skills, but do not focus as much on communication skills which leads to a huge gap in their skill sets. However, lots of companies worldwide place a lot of emphasis on communication skills (almost as much as technical skills) during hiring and promotion process. This is because it is not only important to be able to do good work, but it is also important to be able to tell others what you have done. Poor communication skills can lead to misunderstandings, project failures and eventually career stagnation.

Communication skills not only help you in your career, but also in your personal and social life. This may mean that you can convince people better, negotiate better and connect better with people.

Communication Skills







Communication skills, both verbal and written, are not improved only by reading books or speaking more, although that helps. Since communication is a two way street, it needs to be practiced with another person who can give you feedback and suggestions to improve. So it is important to approach this with an open mind and be ready to accept criticism. Doing so also improves your listening and interpersonal skills which can further assist you in your career.

There is never an end to improving communication skills. No matter how good you get, there is always room to improve. And like with any other skill, it needs to be constantly practiced and updated to remain competent.  The best way to improve and stay in touch is to take regular classes and practice often.

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