Each one of us possesses everything necessary to be more creative. If we look into every amazing creative thing or idea such as – an automobile, an engine and wheels, a telephone, electricity and sound and others. If we look closely on all these great creative ideas, inventions, and theories are composed of other ideas. These tell us, to be creator instead of consumer, the existing ideas act as fuel for your mind. One should start looking at them combinations of ingredients waiting to be reused rather than as merely as objects or functional things. Increasing observations will help to increase creativeness.

Great tasty foods are combos, chef master learn to find, evaluate, and explore more combinations than other people. It has lead to increase the odds, by using reusable patterns to develop new ideas. For example, musicians throughout history have reused melodies, chord progression and even entire song structures. The Disney film ‘The Lion King’ is a retelling of Shakespare’s Hamlet. Shakespare was likely influenced by the early Greek tragedies. Any field of creative we can see that patterns of reuse and recombination everywhere. It’s an illusion when an author writes a book it appeared magically into writer hands from out of nowhere.

It doesn’t mean we steal and put one’s name on it. That’s theft, and fairly uncreative kind of theft at that. The goal here is to recognize how much inspiration, or recombine without breaking laws or violating trust. Because every field has its own rules and limitations, but creative fields are more liberal than you’d expect.

Why do we fail to observe as a creator rather than consumer? Stay tuned to read further, Good Day!

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