This article is continuation to the previous one on ‘Transparency’. Here we will see ‘What factor is better than transparency in the system?’Authenticity’ is quite often word used in many industry (matters a big deal to R&D divisions), implying some forms of media are more authentic than others. The personality of people is of a great measure in sales and marketing of products or services, but that’s not the same as being authentic. The Indian ads carry mostly emotions or sentiments of ‘Traditional Value’ like ‘Homemade’ or ‘Pure’ or ‘Grandmother Kitchen’ established by marketers or public relations. Being authentic requires believing completely on someone saying, which is generally beyond what marketers, PR’s and sales professionals do.

This boils down to trust, which is greater than authenticity and transparency. I feel, being transparent can be negative at many a times, as we see a person from trustworthy to untrustworthy core. All just needed is to trust more and less I need to know about the details of plans and operations. The trust magic is the hallmarks of honesty, diligence, fairness, and clarity to yield a greater relationships. As my father always did, ‘Earn people and rest is assured.’ I could see similar resemblance in the character ‘Rauf Lala’ played by Rishi Kapoor in Agneepath (Bollywood movie) or many other well-known personality. Earning trust is similar analogy of growing in career, its hardest and easiest to destroy. One can tend to become transparent (its individual attempt), but trust is something only someone else can give it. I personally feel, me being transparent leads to trust, that’s great, but if doesn’t, there are bigger problem to solve.

  1. vivek1411 says:

    Exactly this is the thing which i was thinking while reading the previous article “transparency”. I realised that being transparent with people will give a kind of satisfaction to ourselves but unless the person with whom you are transparent is trustworthy otherwise it is simply foolishness.

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