Being on demand as creative person is challenging in comparison to think ‘to be creative’. One has to develop helpful habits, and that’s about persistence. There is no single recipe for a problem right away, identifying the stumble, fears and working through them is rarely fun. If we look closely into this pattern, at some point, all creative tasks become work. The mundane work begins – this could be boring, no more fun, less interesting, ordinary, boring etc a necessary to bring an idea to the world becomes the reality.

Edison, Einstein, Jesus, Buddha and various others worked everyday but they all had a common core of willpower and commitment as their driving force. Many creators have outworked their peers. If we look back into history, they were not given divine power or were highly intellectual with education or genetics; the biggest difference between the greats and us was their dedication to their art and commitment. Each one of peers are talented, or more so, but twice as lazy. All failures happened because they were consistently given up before there were finished. We hardly know the one’s stood second or third or later, because the world cares about ideas that are shared.

During our training course we tend to ask questions about ideas – Do anyone wants to be entrepreneur? Atleast 50 percent and above raise their hands. My next question has shown me the facts about this idea – What have you done in the last few years towards the idea? Many hands drop down. That explains everything; ideas are lazy. Ideas can’t do anything on their own. One has to understand that, the routine or ordinary work is important to make the real idea, it’s not the issue about creativity at all.

Whenever an idea has formed in one’s head, it has to leave the brain to change the world – a journey towards hardwork and dedication. [polldaddy poll=5954671]

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