I know this ‘Not Sound and Healthful’, but thinking about dying inspires me. For a moment, When I realize I will be no more and the kind of sensation of everything I feel, think and know of myself to be gone – my all senses vibrate in a way I can’t explain. I am born with millions of choices – I can travel, read, eat any kind of food, movies and feel more things than 99% of all humans who have ever lived. I see that it’s all waiting for me, right there now and latter. To come face to face death is the most inspiring in my life. According to Kafka wrote ‘The meaning of life is that it ends.’ I would like to get the things I like out of my life while I am alive or give to those in need, before the death call. I am carried and touched with my own death and I like to think about it often. I am sure like me, many would like to die regret-free, this helps me to passionately appreciate the choices I make today.

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