We may not be able to do radical change as we’d like to, because of limits. But we can certainly do small things that would make more difference than we realize. If I get good service from any service provider (Waiter, Auto driver, Seller at shop etc), I can look the eye of service provider and thank for giving me the best service I’d had all day. Such a small act one might carry it the entire day or for a long term. Some of them might not want to accept this kind of praise and rewards, that’s fine. In-spite of this my cares and behaviors remains intact. But the reality is every likes to receive these small gestures.

I am pledging here to thank people who do things I value. For first time readers, thanks for reading. I shall leave you all with a funny thank you notes, smile at everyone, shake hands, hug, kiss and be a difference maker in the small world that is my own mind. None of my writing may matter to you, but I have a great hope you will consider what does and do something about it.

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