We have heard ample times from others or we have said – ‘I don’t like liars’. But the fact is ‘Everyone lies’, it’s just a question of how, why, and when. At times late to work, meeting, campus interviews movies we kinda invent a story to protect ourselves. We may not mean to harm, although collateral damage often happens.

This is because truth manipulation is part of the human condition. Let’s accept it now. It’s quite unfortunate to see that lies, destroy relationships, because it is believed that trust is a binding force to bind each others.

Why people lie?

The first lie (Western history) comes from the Gensis (Old Testament). God created Adam and Eve, God told the man and woman that it was their job to take care of their new home. God blessed them, saying, “All this is for you. Help yourself to anything you like. But never touch the tree in the middle of the Garden. That tree gives knowledge of good and evil. The day you eat its fruit, you will die.” Serpent tempted Eve, so she and Adam had a breakfast, God appears and scolds Adam – who blames Eve which results in everyone, animals and people, getting thrown out of Eden forever. If I look at it, nearly everyone lied. God had created a ambiguity (as it was deceptive ‘Knowledge of good and evil’) may be termed as a lie. As Adam understood that fruit will not cause any great disaster. As ‘death’ was never explained before. Serpent misrepresents the fruit’s power, and Adam encourage the lie by pointing to Eve.

Having said this, people lie to protect themselves. A need (cherish) and fear (confrontation) are vital reasons perhaps many times a lie pop up. There is a clear psychological need motivating every lie. In order not to be caught, many of us imagine improbable stories: accidents, illness (onion fever), traffic (commonly seen). We tend to reinvent physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. The stress of inventing and maintaining a lie is harder than just telling the truth. Yet we don’t.

I shall tell you a story told by a faculty to me, “On an examination day four students showed up late. All four said, the car wheel tyre (one of the wheel tyre) was punctured and it took more time to reach. Please allow us to write and be considerable to give us extra time. The teacher agreed to this and asked them to take four seats in the four different corner of the class. All four students felt that they have won a battle. Teacher gave a question to answer as part of examination, Which side of the wheel tyre was punctured?.”

We also lie because its a gamble. Did you lie to your friends, parents or relatives about your grades, girl or boy friends or where you were yesterday late night? I am sure we did lie and continue to do so. We like the innocence projection. We want others to see us better than we see ourselves. It’s funny and sad to see that, we believe we are alone in this great temptation, and we feel ashamed of it. As human’s we have weak moments of fear of loss and greed to gain – tends to melt our brains tempting us to lie we wish were true. Saying all this, the deepest honesty is from those willing to admit to their lies and own the consequences.

In the next article we will see how to identify the lie. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and my last lie is ‘This is my last article.’ :) Good Day! See you soon!

  1. Fredy says:

    Sir i agree that, this was a good article about lie. But the points you added about the bible was not fair.
    And the truth is….. God said tat they may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden, except the tree in the middle of it and he also added them not to eat the fruit of that tree or even touch it; if they do they will die. So your statement was wrong. God didn’t say that tree gives knowledge of good and evil. Tat statement was by the snake to the woman.
    And God was correct in his statement, he didn’t lie. You should think in other way. God said you will die if you eat the fruit. Yes he was correct. Man and women will die to sin if they do so. So, God was right in his statement. God did not lie.

    You are not supposed to write any thing wrong about the bible………

    This is my view about this article. If I comment anything wrong means, Please forgive me……. I am sorry

  2. loratis says:

    Thanks Fredy for bringing your point. Your argument is fair, that’s why it’s mentioned that deceptively ambiguous (description of the fruit), It’s litany of deception and a cautionary tale: in a book where everyone lies in the first pages, is it surprise how the rest plays out. This kind of situation have occurred in many other Holy Books. It never meant to say God is wrong.

    I am not trying to prove that we lie. I am saying is, lets not forget that even I lie before pointing to others. It’s important the we forgive to be forgiven.

  3. norbu ten says:

    all the press of loratis are worthmentioning…. thanks for giving me such a precise things to read and digest…
    waiting for the next recipe of education.

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