There is no doubt in my mind that Smart Romeo over the edge to Road Romeo. Because the road romeo is fickle, rash, stupid and impatient. That might be true in most of the Road Romeo. A similar analogy of Book Smarts versus Street Smarts, its exactly opposite. Road Romeo’s and Street Smarts means to have situational awareness. They can assess the limitations and available options. They have strong intuition, own judgement about people and matters. These skills no doubt have greater value in life regardless how far one is achieving success. As all this comes from experience. It will help to consider (good or bad) and improve. The distinction between Road Romeo, Street Smart and Smart Romeo, Book Smart is the who is at the center of the love or knowledge. On the road or street, it’s you. In other case its someone else is being absorbed. Because they have put themselves at risk, survived, thrived or have scars. The situation has tested and there is a loads of courage during tested time again.

Smart Romeo and Book Smarts are ones who are good at following the rules. They enjoy playing some indoor activities, size or volume and knowledge are only vital tools they have for the real world situations. How to handle a tough situation is a world away from actually being in one. May be they learn difference after it is too late. It’s quite unfortunate to see that, they are trying to assimilate more knowledge through books and degree; rather than recognizing they are trying to improve the wrong skills. Are they half blind?
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