I always like the challenge of training the students with low percentages in academics and perhaps put down by all the people in the world to a certain extent. It’s visible that even ‘Hope is not Hopeful’, as the corporates have drawn a demarcations on their hiring processes. Whenever a student walked to me and discussed on issues pertaining to no opportunity for appearing campus interviews. Too a certain extent I do sympathize with them, but there is way out for this. This can be overcome by various other strength identification (a career assessment).

It’s important that to admit the mistake you’ve made. The moment you start blaming the people or anything else, you distance from many. The moment you do so, you move towards possibility of learning. You move towards understand and become a wiser person, this is a sign of progress. Unfortunately the cultural assumptions are something else about failure and mistakes – they often make people feel ashamed of mistakes or failure. It’s no wonder we have one suicide case for every fifteen minutes in India of the age group 15 to 29. There is a need of paradigm change in our education system, home and work environment. Because these places hardly teaches us, ‘How to accept failure or guilt?’, they have taught us how to avoid mistakes. I honor and appreciate Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on his New Year message admitted that 2011 was a very difficult year, but he promised to keep focus on challenges of future and work together to overcome them.

If you are trying to avoid mistakes and setbacks on doing difficult things – people give up their goals. This is perhaps a reason too many didn’t become great actors, doctors, engineers, politicians or as simple of getting a job. I have seen many job aspirants wants a comfortable job (less work, more money, less trouble and hikes regularly) and afraid of challenging goal. Success demands you to have larger ambitions, this will help you to be dependent on your ability and learn from your mistakes.

In many cultures our education and work represents us: if you fail a test, you are a failure. This is the reason we have grading system and performance appraisal system respectively. It’s a way to accelerate sorting through large quantities of something. Percentages or Grades allow Universities and Corporations to make judgements based on tests that are unforgiving mistakes and ignorant of talents that cannot be easily measured.

One has to work on their strong sense of self, courage, compassionate intelligence, commitment and creativity – otherwise life is scary place.

I end this here with an sms received from a friend of mine – “Erasers are made for those who are willing to correct their mistakes.”

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