This is continuation to the article ‘The Last Lie..’, here we see ‘how to detect a lie?’. I see there are fire detectors in every house, apartments or even rooms in ‘The Netherlands’ and perhaps in many parts of world too. I am sure they would expect a fire at any moment, as they are not optimists. In order to find a lie, one has to question everything you hear or see. Many wisdom leaders expected ignorance. A questioning technique with intelligent probe and compassionately to sort out the difference.

People are waiting to feed an idea, an argument by asking question: ‘How do you know what you know?’Such challenging claims illuminates ignorance. I can quote ample examples:

‘Our services are best in the world’ Really? How do you say so?
‘Studies show that man can be at venus’ What studies? Who ran them and why? Did you actually read the study or a two sentence summary? Are there any studies that claim opposite claim?

We can notice the person often can’t answer quickly when you ask such question. Even the great thinkers need time to establish their logic and separate assumptions from facts. It’s often seen, people giving opinion or a guess with no data, these may be fine, but those claims are weak. We tend to stuff things up.

We all know that a solid idea and concept will maintain its decorum how were it’s shaken by others. But a lie will surface up. It’s like a magical experience to eyes, but its fake when it lands in your hands. A lie will seek urgency: it will resist reviews, discussion, consultations etc. It is always recommended not to make big decisions under constraints or pressure. Welcome experts opinion or decisions to add intellectual pressure or hire a consultant to create constraints. These habits will create hostile environments for liars.

Liars will use Jargon and beclouding in huge quantities. These make people feel stupid. I always felt that, if I didn’t understand something, it’s writers or speaker fault, not mine. In other words see if you see confidence in reduction.

Thank you for your likes to the previous article and constant encouragement! Good Day!

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