The value of thing changes based on the amount of attention we give. Even intimate experiences such as conversation, sports or non-causal sex (physically and emotionally) if treated with split attention will inevitably make them non-intimate experience. Even the intimate experience of a five-star dinning experience, the kind of slow movement of food – will be non-intimate if the attention spent is like of fast food. The same applies to everything: education, relationships, experiences. I am saying this, because fast food and sex can be fun, but it is unlikely to be fulfilling if that’s all you have. They work exactly or nearly exactly – slower, deeper, more wonderful intimate experience. We are lost in the information-age and more specific to social networks. May be this is biggest tragedy we are unawarely going through it. In the ocean of interaction and split attention possibility we’re looking for: meaning, connection and depth of experience. Are we trapped in the quantity mentality, despite our quality based desires? and Are in the rat race on being top of information that doesn’t satisfy?

In order to get attention we are ready to dig into something to connect with. Is that we are spending our attention, that doesn’t have value? or We attention poor? If this has to be true, we are multi-tasking – thrills in chasing things, physical or virtual, but most evidence show that we perform worse when we multitask.

I leave it to the readers to discuss the ways to overcome the unfulfilling attention. We welcome your views and points!

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