I bring this article through experience of interaction and working with teachers and students. I have a strong foresee of ‘Career at Doldrums’ or ‘Career at Stake’ for many budding job aspirants and many working professional in India. I have mentioned about ‘mundane’ kind of education system in earlier articles and this kind of eduction system has a greater role on ‘Unhappy Listlessness.’ I always prefer to give and project a bigger career and life to each one, this doldrum can be overcome by the following checklist manifesto -

a. Worship Thy Research: Identify a researcher or fellow member from your campus or university, they would usually welcome assistance with their research projects. This can also be a great way to get some exposure and experience before an organisation knocks for campus interviews.
b. Hobby Project: They make a big deal in cracking a biggies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and others. For example – In 1965, Yale University undergraduate Frederick W. Smith wrote a term paper about the passenger route systems used by most airfreight shippers, which he viewed as economically inadequate. Smith wrote of the need for shippers to have a system designed specifically for airfreight that could accommodate time-sensitive shipments such as medicines, computer parts and electronics. Though the idea was rejected by the panel members, he executed, the idea for Federal Express was born: a company that revolutionized global business practices and now defines speed and reliability.
c. Teach Others: Teaching assistant will help your professor to see you ‘in action.’ Many a times these helps you get a stronger letter of recommendation if needed anytime down the road. A stronger relationship with your teachers also provides you recommendations for jobs, as well great guidance academical and professionally. I always set a goal to know most of professor, it has surely paid dividends in the past and continues to do so.

Education institutes in India, if they want to win the rat-race they have overcome the ‘Placement View’ and provide the above checklist manifesto to compete.The manifesto will take care of rest of things.
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