I wondered ‘Why do people smoke?’ with little bit of research reading I found some interesting things to relate it body language signals. Smoking has less to do with nicotine addition and more to do with the need of reassurance to overcome inner conflict by giving away outward puff of cigar. In other words, its […]

I had read about Dutch culture before departing India for my work. It took few days to get used to their culture. Every person moving in a lift was wished by saying ‘Hello’, I sometime wonder if we had to say ‘Hello’ to everyone in India. We had perhaps done only that for the entire […]

I bring this article through experience of interaction and working with teachers and students. I have a strong foresee of ‘Career at Doldrums’ or ‘Career at Stake’ for many budding job aspirants and many working professional in India. I have mentioned about ‘mundane’ kind of education system in earlier articles and this kind of eduction […]