We all have a worrying quota: such a worry of exams to clear, facing someone, answering others, marrying someone and so on. If there is nothing actually to worry, we fill this quota by worrying about things that don’t really matter (EX: Why did a character die in the soap serial?). We have certainly have other things to fill our quota.

Like me most of us did worry about trivial, not significant things in past or continue to do so. The trick here is to shrink to worrying quota is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Roti (Food), Kapada (Clothing), Makan (Shelter), Panni (Water) etc are more worth to worry about. Family and best friends are important and its worth a worry. Worry delays decision and I liked the methodology adopted in Sholay movie, Amithab Bachchan flips a coin to take decision and found to be healthiest way. This tells that decision made is important, rather than a bad choice of too much time to make one.

Amithab Bachahan character will help us to shrink worry quota by
1. Making decision are less important than we think
2. Worrying rarely helps in making better decision
3. Someone else making us to realize that, I way worrying too much about something and need to move on

The worry will generate fear, but how many of them have remained with us once they are passed as clouds, were worthy of that worry?
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