History has witnessed 20th and 21st century to be most technologically advanced century, also had the most bloodshed. This doesn’t refer saying the former has caused the later, unfortunately it didn’t prevent it. We also see that many information leaked through web are misleading. Does the new technology guarantee nothing? When I ask this questions, I mean has it given us more freedom, personal enlightenment, reduced cruelty and fulfillment. I am sure all these depends upon less on technology and more on self-awareness and will to achieve. I shall give set of examples to validate these –

1. There were no mobile phones but still people kept in touch. Perhaps we had a greater and stronger relations.
2. Great researcher (William Gilbert, Isaac Newton) or Philosopher (Buddha, Socrates) and Messenger (Jesus) did all their deed without dream of electricity.
3. There were no playstation, still social and personal life was strong through street plays.

Whether its Android phone or any other revolution will have hardly be prime movers in social progress as we see that history says, technology is rarely a missing link; as opposed to the our self-awareness and commitment to change often are. I am not trying hard to say that technology doesn’t help, but the heavy lifting is always on us.

Courtesy: Scott B

  1. Sujeeth says:

    Thanks for sharing this Santosh. Good way to welcome 2012 :)
    If we don’t lift the heavy weight ourselves, the technolgy will actually weaken the link !!!!!

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