Key Points for an interview -

1. Smile!
2. Be prepared to shake hands firmly, but don’t break the interviewers wrist. Similarly a “wet fish” (weak) handshake will suggest a weak character.
3. Wait to be invited to sit down.
4. Try to relax – don’t sit on the edge of your chair and don’t lean too far back: sit up reasonably straight and still.
5. Don’t sit with your arms crossed. OPEN posture and usually suggests a more relaxed, open attitude.
6. Keep up good eye contact with the interviewer (according to research this apparently is especially important for men) but don’t eyeball them all the time!
7. Speak clearly but not too fast: a deeper calm voice suggests authority, whereas as excitable high-pitched voice suggests a nervous personality.
Head nodding to show agreement can help, especially for female candidates.
8.Postural echo (mirroring the interviewer’s posture) can show empathy and agreement but needs to be done very subtly or it might backfire if the interviewer notices that you are doing this!

Courtesy: UoK

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