This is my last article for the year 2011 and I hope you all enjoyed reading articles. Loratis team thank you for your constant support and encouragement. We owe you a lot!

According to ‘Integrity means the state of being whole (adherence to moral and ethical principles or honesty). This is one of highest ranked parameter for a company to hire a candidate. It’s very easy for philosopher or God Men to teach through Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita about ‘Good and Bad People’, but we forget these ideals when it’s inconvenient. For example, jumping the signals in the traffic is quite commonly seen among us. I am not sure if there is a some way to put a score of integrity over people’s foreheads. Do I judge others by own values or their action with their proclaimed values? If integrity was a symbol of status like designation (at work), house etc then the challenges were limited to identify the integrity, unfortunately it’s not! But one needs to keep a tab on their integrity. In the previous article as it said, fulfillment of life depends upon integrity and this in turn does not depend on world things (money). Considering Satyam Computers, Common Wealth Games, Bellary Mines and the sub-prime crisis, one story of this age is lost integrity. How do I push things the other way?

We wish you a great year 2012 ahead!

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